Jim Bakker: If Donald Trump is impeached, Christians will riot in the streets

Robert Mueller’s investigation is picking up steam, and it has Jim Bakker a little nervous.

Speaking on his TV program this Monday, televangelist and doomsday prepper Jim Bakker seemed a little nervous about the prospect of a Trump impeachment. Naturally, news of Robert Mueller’s recent indictments undermines Bakker’s pro-Trump narrative from the last two years, so he’s resorting to an age-old tactic: fear.

“Trump is not crazy,” Bakker declared to his audience.

“They want him to be crazy because they want to impeach him,” he continued. “There is nothing they can impeach him over because this thing with the collusion with Russia they can’t prove, but they want to say this man is crazy. They’re trying to get doctors to say the president is crazy.”

Speaking over the adulatory rumblings from his co-hosts and audience, Bakker warned of violence in the streets if an impeachment of President Trump were to go down.

“I’ll tell you what,” Bakker said frantically. “If they go through with that, there will be a riot in the United States of America and you’re going to find little old ladies rioting, you’re going to find the church people out rioting because they’re not going to take it any more.”

“This is stupid and insanity what is going on in our country right now.”

You hit the nail on the head, Jim.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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