Jim Bakker: ‘If we keep praying, God will prevent Trump from being assassinated’

In May of this year, televangelist and apocalyptic doomsday prepper Jim Bakker told his viewers that over 100 hit men have been hired to assassinate President Trump. That hasn’t come to pass, but Bakker wouldn’t have you believe that’s because it’s likely a bullshit conspiracy he invented on the fly to keep the conversation flowing during one of his batshit insane TV segments. Bakker wants you to believe that it’s because he and his followers are praying really, really hard.

On the Jim Bakker Show this Friday, the host stirred fears of an imminent Trump assassination again, telling his audience that the only thing preventing an assassination from happening is their prayers.

“We’ve got an election coming up in a few days and if you don’t all get out and vote, you’re going to feel so bad,” Bakker said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. Bakker then turned to his guest Tom Horn, who said in 2016 that Trump could very well be the Messiah.

“Do you think God is using President Trump?” Bakker asked Horn.

Horn said that even though Trump sometimes makes him “cringe,” he agrees that he’s being used by God.

“God is kind of using [Trump] in spite of himself,” Horn replied.

“What I really like about Donald Trump, he reminds me of a baby Christian,” Horn continued. “He reminds me of somebody that just comes out of a really rough life where they just did anything that they wanted to do … If you watch him day by day, his language, everything else, is becoming more, I would call it, Christian-refined.”

Later in the segment, Bakker returned to the subject of Trump’s potential assassination.

“God has really dealt with me, that if our President is assassinated, it will be judgement on America,” Bakker said.

“It’s a miracle he’s surviving, it’s a miracle he’s doing what he’s doing,” he continued. “I just want the people of God to know that we have to move and we have to pray and we have to vote and we have to cover with the blood of Jesus our families and everything that is around us. This is the new age and it is not the new age of Jesus Christ, this is a new age of demon power in this country.”

It’s a new age alright. On the same say Bakker spoke these words, a man was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to major Democratic figures.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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