Jim Bakker: Liberals are trying to ‘have the crosses removed’ from Arlington Cemetery

On his television show this Friday, evangelist and End Times prepper Jim Bakker revealed another hidden plot by liberals, but not before he threatened those who “touch God’s anointed” with impending death.

“Don’t touch God’s anointed,” Bakker warned as his wife Lori nodded in approval. “You’re gonna see some things happen — you’re gonna say, “My God, my god! Why are people falling over dead?”

“… Because they touched God’s anointed,” he declared.

“That’s right,” Lori said, glaring into the camera.

Bakker then lamented the people who “blasphemed” the Reverend Billy Graham’s memory. “It’s on the internet, you know that. They’re so sick in America that they don’t respect anything!”

“You know what they’re talking about they’re gonna do now? They’re gonna remove all the crosses at the great cemetery in Washington,” Bakker declared.

As the folks at Right Wing Watch point out, Bakker was taking a story from the Washington Examiner wildly out of context. Earlier this month, the outlet published an op-ed highlighting a ruling from a federal appeals court that reinforced its decision that a 40-foot-tall cross on a Maryland highway median violates the U.S. Constitution. The article says nothing about removing “all the crosses” from the cemetery.

“There’s nothing to respect anymore,” says a man who has zero respect for the truth.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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