Jim Bakker on people mocking his End Times survival food buckets: ‘I believe they’re Satanic’

During a recent segment on The Jim Bakker Show, televangelist Jim Bakker lamented the internet mockery over his food buckets designed to keep you alive until you’re raptured into Heaven, saying his detractors are likely inspired by Lucifer himself. 

Bakker has been pushing the buckets for years. In 2017, he encouraged the rich to spend a $1 million on his food buckets because when the End Times come, their money will be worthless.

“Do a million dollars worth of food, I’m serious,” Bakker said at the time. “If they’re rich, their money is going anyway … It’s not going to be worth anything. The crash is coming, so why not sow it into the Lord?”

On his most recent show, Bakker was baffled as to how people think his food buckets are funny, so much so that he avoids social media. 

“It’s so bad,” he said, adding that he recently went on social media just to see how people were reacting to his product. “There’s people who hate my guts. There are people who want to destroy us. … And one of the biggest onslaughts is this,” he said while holding up a food bucket. “One of the biggest things they make fun of me about is the food buckets. I mean, I couldn’t believe it. They have whole websites, laughing, mocking … and I’m just telling you, I believe it’s Satanic.” 

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch: 

Sky Palma

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