Jim Bakker says his ‘Silver Solution’ product can cure HIV — and it can be yours for a $300 ‘donation’

Evangelical pastor Jim Bakker is still hyping his “Silver Solution” — as a cure for the H5N1 virus and for HIV, and he wants you to know you can order the case for a “donation” of $300.

Holding up a letter from company that produces the colloidal silver, here’s what Bakker had to say:

“This is a letter from the head of Biotech lab. He says the second study is a peer-reviewed published study against the H5N1 virus in an in vivo study, but that study was completed by the U.S. National Institute of Health.”

He purported that the study showed that drinking a “supplement amount of our silver product at 10 ppm (parts per million) every day for seven days, before receiving a mortal dose of the virus directly in the lungs, raised the survival rate by 100 percent.”

Bakker also noted that the “study” also referred to publisher’s notes that specified another study was done on HIV and that also produced glowing results. Then he also conflated HIV with AIDS. As Planned Parenthood notes, HIV can lead to AIDS, but it isn’t AIDS — yet.

“The independent HIV study showed that the ABL Silver product given orally daily, completely helped restore the T-cell counts of the AIDS patients in just four months with an average of a 39.54 percent increase in their immune support white cells.”

That’s when he exhorted his followers to open their wallets.

“I want you if you know the silver, and you don’t have a stock of it — what’s selling no. 1 right now — is a case.”

Turning to his panel, he asks if they have the case and they enthusiastically admit they do.

“I’d like to show the case — that’s a box of 12,” Bakker said, asking one panel member how much a case of his Silver Solution is.

“That is for a donation of $300 to the ministry today,” the man replies.

Here’s the clip below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


Megan Hamilton

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