Jim Bakker: Since you can’t bring money to the afterlife, spend it all on my food buckets

Televangelist-turned doomsday prepper Jim Bakker is still pushing his apocalypse-ready food buckets on his viewers. Now he’s employing a new tactic to boost sales.

On his show last week, Bakker encouraged the rich to spend a $1 million on his food buckets because when the End Times come, their money will be worthless.

At one point, guest John Shorey told Bakker’s viewers that if their food buckets run out, God will “refill” them.

“When you empty a bucket of food, trust God to refill it,” Shorey said.

When Shorey called on viewers to “100 buckets of food” and give them to local churches, Bakker chimed with a better idea.

“Do a million dollars worth of food, I’m serious,” Bakker said. “If they’re rich, their money is going anyway … It’s not going to be worth anything. The crash is coming, so why not sow it into the Lord?”

Shorey agreed.

“The Bible says that our riches will be a witness against us,” Shorey said. “When the time comes that you’ve left money in the bank that could have been used to help people, to help feed people and all you did is you just kept all your riches for yourself, it will be a witness against you. You will stand before God and he will say, ‘Why didn’t you do more to help the needy?'”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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