Jim Bakker: Trump has been saved by God and is emanating ‘miracles from the White House’

Continuing the evangelical theme of ‘Trump is a man of God’ on his TV show, Jim Bakker declared that “miracles” are coming out of the White House because Trump has been “saved” so many times.

On Friday’s edition of The Jim Bakker Show, Bakker argued the case that Trump “just wants to please God” and has been counseled by Christian pastors more than any other president in history.

“He’s not perfect — none of us are perfect, but he is being taught and mentored and prayed with more than probably any president in the history of the United States of America,” Bakker said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“When he flies, he has pastors with him,” Bakker continued. “When he’s in the White House, he has pastors with him. I personally know people who have led him to Christ. He’s been saved so many times that … if it counts, he’s got more numbers than anybody I know of, and I’m serious.”

According to Bakker, Trump has a troop of Christian leaders “leading him and guiding him and preparing him and nurturing him,” which is “probably one of the basic reasons why there’s miracles coming out of the White House and why there’s a miracle in America.”

Bakker’s guest, self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson, chimed in and said that Trump’s presidency is a stepping stone for Vice President Mike Pence to take over the role.

“The success of Donald Trump is going to be credited to the intercessors, to the prophets, to this Daniel Company,” Johnson said referring to a movement he’s created.

“I really believe God is breathing on Mike Pence, Johnson continued, adding that he believes “there is a possibility that Donald Trump is paving the way for an even more conservative 2024 Mike Pence run.”

“I would not be surprised if God gave us a trumpet and then a double trumpet in 2024.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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