Jim Bakker: You can kill the coronavirus in 12 hours with my ‘Silver Solution’ ointment

On today’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show, Jim Bakker and naturopath Sherrill Sellman were discussing a rather unusual “cure” for the coronavirus — an ointment known as Silver Solution that Sellmann purports can “eliminate it.”

Holding up a bottle of the solution, Bakker asks her:

“This influenza that is now circling the globe, you’re saying that Silver Solution would be effective?”

“Well let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus but it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours — totally eliminates it, it kills it,” Sellman says without offering sources to illuminate her information. “Deactivates it. And then it boosts your immune system so you can support the recovery, because when you kill the virus, then the immune system comes into action to clear it out. So you want a vibrant immune system as well as an ability to deactivate the viruses.”

Watch the clip below, from Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab/Twitter

Megan Hamilton

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