Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend was undergoing Scientology ‘purification’ process before her suicide

According to a report from a noted watchdog journalist, Jim Carrey’s late on-again, off-again girlfriend Cathriona White was in the midst of a Scientology “Purif” program at the time of her suicide.

“Purif” is short for “Purification Rundown,” which, according to Tony Ortega of The Underground Bunker, is a process Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard developed which purported to detoxify the body through courses of sauna sessions and vitamins.

Close to a year ago, White posted a photograph to Instagram of her and her Scientology “twin,” aspiring actor Travis Case,” while they were doing a Purif sauna treatment. Scientology members are sometimes assigned “twins” while undergoing exercises.

Ortega’s sources say that White “originally got involved in Scientology about four to five years ago through members of musician Beck’s circle of friends.” She began dating Carrey in 2012.

Cathriona’s friends say that they were concerned about Cat dating Carrey again, but they were assured by Scientologists they knew that Cat was emotionally prepared for the challenge of dating Carrey because, they said, “She had just finished the Purif and was doing her objectives.”

The “objectives” are exercises that in recent years have been made part of a newer version of a course called the “Survival Rundown” which Scientology leader David Miscavige has made a prime requisite of Scientologists, both the new and the experienced. The “SRD” is being pushed to all Scientologists, even those who may have long ago previously done their “objectives” on their way up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

Responding to Ortega’s article, Scientology gave a statement to E! News saying that White’s alleged practice of Scientology methods is in no way linked to her death.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.07.42 AM
White with her Scientology “twin,” aspiring actor Travis Case. (Instagram)

“Saying that somebody was studying Scientology in the past and connecting that to a suicide is like saying a person who had previously studied the Bible committed suicide,” the Church of Scientology spokesperson said. “It is sad and reprehensible that a paid anti-Scientologist like Tony Ortega is exploiting this terrible tragedy involving a young woman; it’s a sign of outright bigotry.”

Ortega has been at war with Scientology for years. He has written about the Church’s alleged harassment of ex-members, along with providing inside accounts of abuses committed by Scientology leaders, most notably L. Ron Hubbard’s successor David Miscavige.

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