Jim Jefferies: ‘If you’re religious, I’m sure you’re nice but you’re slowing us down’

It’s no secret that Australian comic Jim Jefferies can ruffle a few feathers with his comedy routines. Now in his new comedy special Freedumb, Jefferies turns his sites towards religion.

Image via YouTube screen grab

Considering that he was once attacked onstage while performing at the Manchester Comedy Store, it’s no secret that Australian comic Jim Jefferies can ruffle a few feathers with his comedy routines. Now in his new comedy special Freedumb, Jefferies turns his sights towards religion.

“Now let me be clear about this, if you’re religious I’m sure you might be very nice, but you are slowing us down…”

Jefferies points out that some people like to focus their criticisms on one particular religion, like Islam, for example. But Jefferies says that’s the wrong approach.

“Our fight in this world is not against Islam, it’s against religion.”

He continues:

“There’s a lie that you’re going to be told throughout your life that goes along the lines of this: ‘We have to save the planet.’ There’s no bigger lie than ‘we have to save the planet.’ We don’t have to save the planet. We have to save us, the human race. The planet does not give a f*ck about us and it will be happy when we’re gone.”

Watch (NSFW):



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