Jimmy Fallon just gave Donald Trump the boost he needed to win the White House

Not many thought they’d see the day when Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon would be targeted by anti-Trump liberals on social media, but thanks to the 2016 election, that day has come.

After interviewing Donald Trump this Thursday, many saw Fallon’s segment as a boost to the GOP nominee’s campaign, inching him one step closer to the White House with a softball interview that did nothing to put his reprehensible rhetoric on display.

The criticism isn’t without merit, considering that the toughest question Fallon posed to Trump was if he could have permission to mess up his hair.

Granted, Fallon isn’t a political pundit, but if you’re going to invite on a political figure who has a history of retweeting white supremacists, some would expect a little pushback with a dash of irony to be in order.

Maxwell Strachan of the Huffington Post called the interview “an extended on-air puff piece” and slammed Fallon for playing nice with someone who many agree is a racist and conspiracy theorist.

“At their best, late-night hosts have been able to toe a difficult line between comedy and responsibility. No one did this better than David Letterman, who repeatedly exposed truth while still on the air,” Strachan added.

“Fallon is not Letterman, and he will never will be, nor does he seem to want to be. But that doesn’t mean he be let off the hook for humanizing a well-documented xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic serial liar, which is exactly what he did on Thursday.”


Across the Twittersphere, outrage is growing over the interview. It’s hard to say where the former SNL alum’s public image will end up when this simmers down, but right now it’s not a good look for Fallon.

Below is a sampling:



So far, NBC hasn’t responded to the controversy.

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