Jimmy Kimmel: Trump puts the ‘ass’ in ‘compassion’

This Tuesday, late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel turned his sights toward President Trump once again, this time focusing on his bizarre antics in Puerto Rico.

During his monologue this Tuesday, Kimmel highlighted Trump’s trip to the hurricane-ravaged island nation.

“The President was in Puerto Rico today to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Maria,” Kimmel started out. “He brought his wife Melania along — he likes to bring Melania to this kind of thing in case they encounter a situation that requires showing concern for other human beings; that becomes her job.”

He went on to point out some of the “not so nice” things Trump said in Puerto Rico, like “Puerto Ricans want everything done for them” even though Trump “has never carried a piece of luggage in his entire life.” Kimmel also pointed to comments Trump made where he said Puerto Rico threw the U.S.’s budget “a little out of whack.”

“Next time you allow a storm to ravage your island, please … we’re not made out of money. Think about the cost!” Kimmel said sarcastically.

“He really puts the ‘ass’ in ‘compassion,’ doesn’t he?” Kimmel added.

Watch the full segment in the video below, via Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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Sky Palma

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