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Joe Biden: ‘I wish me and Trump were in high school so I could take him behind the gym’

During a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden said that he wishes he and Donald Trump were back in high school so he could “take him behind the gym” and presumably kick his ass.

Biden started out by saying that he’s deliberately avoided talking about “Trump’s behavior” in the press.

“But what he said he did and does is a textbook definition of sexual assault,” Biden said.

As the audience began to applaud, Biden cut them off.

“But it’s more than that,” he continued.

“He said because I’m famous, because I’m a star, because I’m a billionaire, I can do things other people can’t,” Biden said, referring to the 2005 Access Hollywood video where Trump talks about grabbing women’s genitalia without their consent.

“What a disgusting assertion for anyone to make,” he thundered.

“The press always asks me, don’t I wish I were debating him,” Biden says later in the speech. “No, I wish we were in high school, I’d could take him behind the gym.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:



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