Joe Scarborough Slams GOP Sen. Ted Cruz as ‘Willfully Ignorant’ on Second Amendment (VIDEO)

On his MSNBC morning show this Friday, Joe Scarborough slammed Sen. Ted Cruz for claiming that a ban on assault weapons is unconstitutional, calling the argument ignorant, even jabbing the Harvard-educated lawmaker as “willfully ignorant.”

Cruz made the comments during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee in response to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s proposed ban on military-style weapons. In what many agreed to be a rude lecture to Feinstein on the Second Amendment, Cruz made a somewhat illogical comparison of restrictions on guns to censoring books under the First Amendment.

Sen. Ted Cruz quietly listens as Dianne Feinstein responds to his remarks.
Sen. Ted Cruz quietly listens as Dianne Feinstein responds to his remarks.

During the Morning Joe segment, Scarborough forcefully condemned Cruz’s argument,  saying that he either willfully or ignorantly misinterpreted “what the Second Amendment says and what Scalia, Thomas, and the conservative court said in 2008 about what the Second Amendment is and what it is not.”

“Did they teach Ted Cruz to read what the Supreme Court said?” Scarborough quipped, referring to Cruz’s Harvard Law School education. “Especially in the landmark — the landmark decision regarding Second Amendment rights over 200 years was written in 2008? I’m just wondering why would he use his seat on the Judiciary Committee if he went to Harvard to put forward a willfully ignorant statement about this bill violating the Second Amendment, because it does not. And Ted Cruz knows it does not.”

Scarborough went on to ask if Cruz was intentionally misleading the public, playing to “people who can’t read.”

“When you’re condescending and you don’t even have the facts right. When you’re misstating what the Second Amendment says as interpreted by the conservative court, by Scalia. I have a problem with that.”

Watch the Morning Joe segment in the video below.

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