John Fugelsang on Texas abortion bill: ‘Republicans are so pro-life, they will f—-ing kill you’

In the wake of Texas lawmakers advancing a bill that would criminalize abortion as a serious felony, comedian and political commentator John Fugelsang spoke out on what he sees is the hypocrisy of the “pro-life” movement — a movement that won’t hesitate to potentially expose women to capital punishment.

On his Sirius XM show Tell Me Everything this Thursday, Fugelsang said the news was “funny for so many reasons.”

“Number one, they’re essentially saying, ‘We are so pro-life, we will f—ing kill you,'” he quipped.

“‘And we are so against big government, we will let the state interfere between a woman and her doctor,'” Fugelsang continued, adding that the state could use that interference to possibly impose the death penalty for murder.

“‘That’s how true we are to our ethics of pro-life and small government,'” Fugelsand said, continuing his faux Republican quote.

“But really, these are Christians, and you hate when I bring it up, but I’m gonna say it again — Jesus wasn’t against abortion,” he said. “I’m not saying he was for it, I’m saying he never brought it up.”

According to Fugelsang, the Christian right is prioritizing something “Jesus never talked about over everything Jesus did talk about.”

“That’s the genius of the GOP,” he declared.

“They’ll get followers of Jesus to vote against everything he discussed by talking about something he never discussed. Why is something Christ never talked about more important to you than everything he did talk about? Because if you go by what he talked about, you don’t really get to support Trump.”

Listen to his comments in an excerpt posted to Twitter by Sirius XM:

Featured image via screen grab/Pyragraph LIVE

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