John McCain: The GOP hasn’t done sh*t for ‘average citizens’

Speaking this Tuesday at a Wall Street Journal forum, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) expressed worry that the House will switch to Democratic control if the GOP doesn’t get its act together.

“I’m very worried about losing the House of Representatives,” McCain said, according to The Hill. “If we went to the polls tomorrow, what have we done? Gorsuch, and rolled back some regulations.”

When it comes to promises made to the American people during the 2016 election, McCain said President Trump has come up woefully short, saying he doesn’t think “we have accomplished that much” for “average citizens,” but added that Trump’s “roll back of regulations has been very helpful for small business” which have been “reflected in the stock market.”

From The Hill:

But he’s worried about recent polls that show worrying signs for Republicans. Generic Democrats have an edge over Republicans in early polling, and Trump’s disapproval hit 60 percent in a new Gallup survey.

Fellow Arizona Republican Rep. Martha McSally said Tuesday she is facing an uphill reelection fight simply by running in the GOP.

“Right now, it doesn’t matter that it’s me, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done. I have an ‘R’ next to my name and right now, this environment would have me not prevail,” McSally told a group of bankers.

“I’ve been seeing [poll] numbers, of Democrat versus Republican,” he added. “I’m very worried.”

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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