John Oliver trolls Mike Pence’s new children’s book by publishing a book about a gay rabbit

Mike Pence‘s family has published a new children’s book and comedian John Oliver wasted no time in showing off his own parody version, which highlights Pence’s long history of anti-LGBT, far-right Christian ideology.

In his Sunday episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver started by pointing out that Pence isn’t quite the “principled contrast to Donald Trump” that many people think he is.

“…the truth is, he’s been more than willing to defend the indefensible,” Oliver said of Pence.

Later, Oliver turned the focus to Pence’s “hostility to LGBT rights.”

“The truth is, Pence is not, and has never been, a friend of the gay community,” Oliver said, before launching into a litany of Pence’s past rhetoric on LGBT issues.

At the outset of the segment, Oliver promised his audience that he would end the show saying something nice about Pence.

“Look, a promise is a promise, so through gritted teeth, here it is: I kind of like his rabbit,” Oliver said, referring the Pence family’s pet rabbit “Marlon Bundo.”

“The point is, Marlon Bundo is the most likable thing about an otherwise unlikable man,” he continued, before pointing out that the Pence family rabbit has a children’s book coming out called “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President.”

“There’s even going to be a book tour, and I would love to say, ‘Fine, look, it’s a fun, sweet book about a rabbit. Who gives a shit?’ But unfortunately, one of the stops on that book tour is at Focus on the fucking Family,” Oliver said, referring to the notoriously anti-gay Christian lobbying group. “So, congratulations, Pence, you even managed to ruin Marlon Bundo. Now, none of us can enjoy a book about your rabbit.”

“Or can we?”

Oliver then mentioned that his show also wrote a book about Marlon Bundo that coincidentally has also been published: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo.

Oliver made sure to point out the “small differences” between the two books, including the fact that in Oliver’s version, Marlon Bundo falls in love with another boy rabbit, “because our Marlon Bundo is gay.”

“This is actually a book for children,” Oliver declared. “This is a real children’s book — this isn’t some adult book telling Mike Pence to go fuck himself, although in buying it, that’s exactly what you’d be doing.”

Watch the full segment below, via Last Week Tonight:

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