Josh Duggar used this guy’s image for his Ashley Madison account, now he’s getting sued

Remember Josh Duggar? He’s probably hoping you don’t. Regardless, his past sexual exploits (aside of the fact that sexually molested his sisters) are still coming back to haunt him, now in the form of a lawsuit from the person who says Duggar used his identity without permission.

Matthew James McCarthy, a DJ and producer who lives in Hollywood, California, says Duggar used his image on several social media platform and dating websites – including the infamous cheating website Ashley Madison. He says he’s been humiliated since Duggar stole his mug to trawl the Internet for sex, according to TMZ.

“A teacher of mine from high school messaged me on Facebook, who I haven’t even seen or talked to in year,” McCarthy told Gawker last year. “And she was like, ‘Hi Matthew, I hope you’re doing well. I think you’re doing well—but I saw some article, and you’re in the news about some sex scandal…’ I was just like, ‘No, no, no, no that’s—that’s not me.’ It was so weird—it’s just kind of crazy to have someone I haven’t spoken to in so long message me about it.”

TMZ reports that in the lawsuit, McCarthy says he comes from a strong-knit Catholic family which made being tied to Duggar’s sexual escapades life on Twitter, OkCupid and Ashley Madison “mortifying.”

He adds he’s been getting harassing messages referring to him as “Duggar’s boy toy” and “DJ Duggar.” He’s a DJ and photographer by trade.

Matthew is suing Duggar for the wrongful use of his image, and for damages … aka cash.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.11.46 AM
Matthew James McCarthy (Facebook)

If only TLC reality shows brought us more great content like this.

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