Josh Feuerstein posts, then deletes, bizarre video slamming Christians for drinking ‘abortion coffee’

Viral Internet Christian sensation Josh Feuerstein may have outdone himself. How can we know this? Because a recent video he uploaded was so bizarre, he apparently had second thoughts and deleted it – but not before someone ripped it and shared it around Facebook.

Feuerstein’s crusade against Starbucks’ plain red cups has received its fair amount of backlash from secular and religious folks alike. A tide seems to be turning against the “War on Christmas” hysteria that’s gripped the narrative of so many right wing media outlets, so one can only guess Feuerstein’s motives behind the post. Maybe it was an attempt to whip the faithful into a new frenzy, considering that the red cup outrage fell somewhat flat. Either way, he deleted the video for a reason.

The video focuses on Starbucks’ open support of Planned Parenthood, a fact much-ballyhooed in the pro-life media chatter circles.

Hey America. While I have your attention and you’re sitting there defending Starbucks while sipping coffee from your Christmas-less red cups, let me explain to you why Starbucks coffee is so bitter – and why it’s overpriced. That bitter taste? Well, it’s a tiny tasteful touch of…abortion.

According to Feuerstein, Starbucks charges more because they must fund the genocide of innocent children.

Slamming Christians who dare to defend the Christmas-loathing coffee chain, Feuerstein reminded his viewers that Starbucks “stands directly against pretty much everything that Jesus stood for.”

“But then again, Christians today aren’t worried about pleasing Jesus. They’re worried about being politically correct,” he added.

It takes a special brand of narcissism, demagoguery, and religious bullying to condemn members of your own sect for not seeing evil in red paper cups. Whoever advised Feuerstein to remove this latest evidence of his obtuse stupidity spoke up a little too late.

And what’s with that backdrop?


Josh Feuerstein posted — then deleted — a bizarre video linking Starbucks to abortion. Luckily, someone grabbed it before he took it down.

Posted by Sky Palma on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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