Joy Behar: Trump has a rape case pending, so why am I only hearing about Hillary’s emails?

Like most people who are avid watchers of the 2016 presidential election, the hosts of The View were a bit confused by FBI Director James Comey‘s letter to Congress announcing a review of newly found “emails” related to Hillary Clinton.

According to co-host Sunny Hostin, who worked as an assistant U.S. attorney before being hired by ABC, many of her former colleagues disagreed with Comey’s actions.

“You can’t release information about a pending investigation and certainly not information that could affect an election,” Hostin said. “It’s clear to me and to other former prosecutors that this is so unprecedented that it’s just simply not done. When you’re there, you have to sign all of the policies… I can’t imagine that the FBI director would do something like this.”

“When I looked at it, there were at least four to five prosecutors that signed it that I worked with personally and that trained me, and it shook me to my core,” Hostin continued. “Because we take this responsibility so seriously as prosecutors. And to have my former colleagues call out the head of the FBI for doing something that was — I’m not going to say it was criminal, but it certainly feels like an abuse of office. I’m shocked.”

Co-host Jedediah Bila then chimed in, claiming that Comey was simply doing his job by keeping Congress informed.

“But he doesn’t even know what the information is,” Hostin replied.

Whoopi Goldberg agreed, pointing out that Comey was “implying guilt” with his announcement. “I don’t know how you could read it any other way.”

“I have a question,” Joy Behar announced.

“Why is it that — maybe I don’t know the law that well — but there was no investigation until after the election of fraud at Trump University. That’s after the election we’re going to hear about that. Then there are these allegations from 11 women about sexual assault. We’ll hear about that after the election. Politifact has called Trump the biggest liar of the year. He lies about everything. He has a shady past regarding his foundation…”

“He also has a rape case pending in federal court,” Hostin added.

“Well, that — okay. So, these are the things, as an American citizen, why am I only listening about somebody’s e-mails?” Behar asked. “Why am I not hearing from the authorities about these cases?”

Watch the segment in the video below:

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