Judge frees Trump campaign staffers from NDAs — now they’re free to take legal action against him

Staffers who worked on Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign have now been freed from the non-disclosure agreements they signed thanks to a ruling from a federal judge, Forbes reported.

The NDAs barred staffers from taking legal action or publicly disparaging Trump.

From Forbes:

The settlement voids non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreements included in employment contracts for Trump 2016 staffers, barring the Trump campaign and any third parties from taking any action to enforce the agreements.

The settlement—which also involved the Trump campaign paying $450,000 to resolve the claims—was initially reached in January and preliminarily approved in June, but Wednesday’s order finalizes the agreement, and gives ex-staffers more legal protections after the campaign informed them last year they were no longer bound by the agreements.

According to the lawsuit, which was brought by Jessica Denson, the campaign’s onetime Hispanic outreach director, the NDAs prohibited employees from disclosing any “confidential information” about the campaign or using it to disparage Trump, his family or business, not only during their employment but “at all times thereafter.”

The non-disparagement agreement stated employees could not “demean or disparage publicly” Trump, his company or family during their work for the campaign and “at all times thereafter.”

Read the full report over at Forbes.

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