Judge tells Rudy Giuliani that ‘the sheriff is on notice’ to arrest him

This Friday, a Manhattan judge ripped into Rudy Giuliani for missing a court date, to which the former Trump lawyer and New York Mayor admitted that he missing the court date was “very stupid,” the New York Post reports.

“Let me apologize for not appearing,” Giuliani told the judge regarding his missing a court hearing last month in his divorce case, giving an array of excuses, including that he wrote down the wrong date.

From the New York Post:

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz reminded Giuliani that he issued a civil order of contempt against him at the September hearing, when he also ordered Giuliani arrested if he didn’t fork over $235,000 by Friday.

“A sheriff is on notice to come at a moment’s notice today” to arrest Giuliani, Katz warned. “This is a very serious matter.”

At a prior hearing, “you repeated the date to me, so you knew about it,” Katz scolded. “I said everyone needed to be here on the 23rd and you repeated it to me. I don’t understand your excuse.”

But Giuliani responded: “I put it down the wrong way when I left the courthouse.”

As the Post points out, Giuliani’s ex-wife Judith sued him in August for $260,000, claiming that’s the amount by which he had fallen behind on alimony, country club fees and condo payments that he agreed to pay for according to the terms of their divorce.