Kal Penn to Trump supporters: Don’t want to hear politics from celebrities? Don’t elect one

Countless celebrities from Scarlett Johansson and Barbara Streisand to Miley Cyrus and Beyonce participated in the Women’s March last Saturday in an effort to protest President Donald Trump and his misogynistic rhetoric and policies, much to the frustration of many Trump supporters who think they should stay in their lanes and keep out of political matters.

This Monday, Actor Kal Penn pointed out to CNN that there’s a strong element of hypocrisy in Trump supporters calling out celebrities for getting political, and it’s that the man they voted for is literally a reality TV star.

Penn spoke at length with Chris Cuomo about privilege and the extent to which it obligates celebrities to speak out.

“The Women’s March was a great example of coming together and standing up against the tyranny that we’re experiencing now. Look, I’m a pretty privileged guy,” Penn said. “[But] what about the 14-year-old me or the kids who look like me who don’t have the luxury of this kind of platform. Maybe we can raise $2,500 to show guys like that we’re better than this.”

Ultimately, he pointed out the irony of attacking celebrities protesting Trump for their privilege, noting that a “privileged celebrity” is who we just elected as president. “A reality TV celebrity just tweeted out a Supreme Court pick,” he told Cuomo.

Under an administration that has wasted no time in targeting vulnerable groups who lack influence and platforms, silence from those with power and privilege is no longer acceptable. Before telling celebrities to stay in their lane and keep out of politics, let’s take a moment to recall where President Trump got his start.

Watch the video below:

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