Kaleigh McEnany: ‘God put me on this journey in politics for a reason’

Speaking to Fox News this Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that her role in the President Trump’s administration was the culmination of a divine plan.

“God had a clear and definite plan for my life, and he put me on this journey in media and politics for a reason,” she said.

“I recall both a former Democrat colleague at CNN as well as my Dad telling me you come into your position ‘for such a time as this’– words from the book of Esther, a book that my hometown church ironically did a series on during my time here at the White House,” she continued.

“I tell you this to emphasize I approached this position with a sense of responsibility to live up to the task God had planned for me,” she added.

According to McEnany, her job isn’t about appeasing the news media, it’s about “speaking for the forgotten men and women, who President Donald Trump had fought valiantly for.”

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