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Kari Lake joins prayer circle to pray away ‘stolen’ Arizona election

Kari Lake is refusing to accept her loss in Arizona’s gubernatorial race, citing the usual unproven claims of election fraud echoed by so many inside the Trump religious cult.

“Unless our Governor and Attorney General put a stop to it, @katiehobbs will get to certify her own crooked election tomorrow,” her campaign tweeted on Sunday. “And Arizona will officially have entered Banana Republic territory.”

“If @katiehobbs was successfully silencing political dissent in 2021, why would we ever believe she stopped in 2022?” Lakes campaign added. “You think she suddenly found integrity? She’s been consolidating power as Secretary of State since 2018. The one thing she didn’t grow was a conscience.”

Lake is trying another tactic as well — praying to God in the hopes that he reverses the alleged “stolen election” — although one has to wonder, if God really wanted her to win, would he have allowed her to lose?

During a segment on the Flash Point Christian news show, Lake joined the show’s host along with self-proclaimed “prophet” and die-hard Trump cultist Hank Kunneman (who believes Trump will be reinstated any day now and anyone who thinks he’s full of sh*t will go to hell), who led a prayer where he lamented that “we cannot be a part of thievery.”

“And Lord, that which the people have done to try to steal this election shall come hack upon their own heads, for now is the season and the hour for things to begin to shift and change as global freedom shall cover this earth.”

Don’t hold your breath.

Watch the video below:

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