Kari Lake: There is something ‘medically’ wrong with Mitch McConnell

During a recent appearance on Steve Bannon‘s show, failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake took aim at Mitch McConnell.

“We ran the greatest campaign, I think, in the country last cycle, and it was all about we the people, all about the people of Arizona who haven’t had great representation, unfortunately, by politicians who are just in D.C. to line their pockets. So if I decide to jump in, I will be an incredible candidate because I will be representing the people of Arizona. I’ll make that decision,” Lake said, referring to her 2022 loss in Arizona, which she blamed — with little evidence — on mass voter fraud.

“And my question is, who the heck do they want? Do they want Doug Ducey? Do they think Doug Ducey is a good candidate? Do they think Karrin Robson is a good candidate? Who do they want? I know what the polling shows. The polling shows in a three way race, I beat both. Kyrsten Sinema, who votes in lockstep with Joe Biden and I beat this other guy, the socialist Marxists,” she continued.

“So I’m not worried about it,” she continued. “We’re going to win if we jump into it. But my question is who does Mitch McConnell want? I don’t think he can even control what comes out of his mouth anymore. I mean, there’s something going on right now with him. I don’t know what it is, there’s something medically, when you freeze up like that and they have to, like, take your body and move it away from the podium, something’s going on there.”

Lake was referring to a recent incident where McConnell was giving a press conference and inexplicably froze up, leading some to believe he may have had a stroke or some other sort of medical episode.

Watch the video below:

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