Katy Perry wins court battle to evict disabled veteran from his home

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have won their ongoing legal battle against a disabled veteran who previously owned a luxurious home in Montecito, California, The New York Post reported.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge found that Carl Westcott had no evidence that he lacked the mental capacity to enter into a contract for the property, which the couple bought for $14.2 million in 2021.

“This proposed decision is crystal clear — the judge has concluded that Mr. Westcott was in full possession of his faculties when he engaged in complex negotiations with multiple parties to finalize the lucrative sale of the property, which ultimately brought him a substantial profit,” Perry’s attorney Eric Rowen said in a statement.

“The evidence overwhelmingly shows that Mr. Westcott breached the contract simply because he changed his mind. We eagerly anticipate resolving this matter during the scheduled damage trial phase set for February 13 and 14, if not sooner,” he added.

Speaking to The Post, Westcott’s son, Chart Westcott, said, “Where the judge’s ruling may follow the letter of the law, it shows that the law has no spirit. Katy Perry will now have to testify, in person, to receive her ‘damages.’”

“We look forward to her testimony, and to her being confronted with possible sanctions for perjury. Perry has put herself in a box by claiming that she lost years of rental income and is owed damages, which is counter to her sworn statements about wanting to live in the house. We hope Ms. Perry enjoys her pyrrhic victory, as she explains to her fans about twice taking homes from the elderly. Lastly, we wish the judge had spelled our father’s name correctly,” Chart added.

From The Post:

The breach-of-contract trial that led to this judgment was marked by Westcott’s attorney’s assertion that his client was suffering from a degenerative brain disease, symptoms of dementia, post-operative delirium, and the effects of painkillers following a back surgery when he agreed to sell his property to Perry in July 2020.

Read the full report over at The New York Post.

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