Kayleigh McEnany to Biden: ‘A president shouldn’t inflame tensions’

In the run-up to the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial this Tuesday, former Trump White House Press Secretary and current Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany warned that President Joe Biden should not “inflame the tensions” by weighing in on the trial.

McEnany was asked to comment on Rep. Maxine Waters’s (D-CA) comments where she said racial justice activists should “get more confrontational,” which led to Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson asking the judge for a mistrial.

“We heard Judge [Peter] Cahill go on to caution elected officials and say, I urge you not to weigh in, hours before or a half a day before the president himself weighs in,” McEnany said.

“I’m glad he at least waited until the jury was sequestered, but I think that the country is such a tinderbox right now, especially in Minneapolis. There’s so much hurt and pain, and I think it’s the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions,” she said.

Earlier that day, Biden said that he was “praying the verdict is the right verdict,” later adding that he thought the evidence against Chauvin was “overwhelming.”

According to McEnany, the atmosphere leading up to the verdict was “a tinderbox moment.”

“And I think he should have just reserved comment and said he’s praying for the family, as we all are.”

Watch the video below, via RawStory:

Sky Palma

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