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Kellyanne Conway’s husband to Trump’s ‘never forget’ tweet: ‘Except when you invite the Taliban for a photo op’

President Trump is getting some heat from Twitter users after he tweeted out a tribute to the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this Wednesday morning.

The tweet showed a picture of the President and First Lady Melania Trump looking out into the distance with the caption, “We will never forget.” Most of the criticism directed towards Trump was over his recent revelation that he invited the Taliban to Camp David for negotiations to end the war in Afghanistan. Trump revealed in a tweet that the meeting was canceled due to ongoing attacks on U.S. soldiers in the region.

One notable response came from George Conway, husband to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, who retweeted Trump’s commemoration with the added comment, “Except when we invite the Taliban over for a photo op.”

There was no shortage of responses in the comment thread that developed beneath Trump’s tweet, one of whom was political activist Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, who listed some of Trump’s less-than-appropriate actions surrounding past 9/11 anniversaries.

Others had their own examples to share:

Featured image via screen grab/CNN

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