Kellyanne Conway ‘sidelined’ from all TV appearances by Trump administration

Citing White House sources in a report this Wednesday, CNNMoney says that Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway has been “sidelined” from all TV appearances.

According to CNN’s sources, Conway was sidelined for “making statements that were at odds with the administration’s official stance.” Last Monday, she told MSNBC that President Trump‘s ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had Trump’s “full confidence.” Flynn resigned just hours later. The following day she contradicted the White House again by saying Flynn offered his resignation after Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the President had asked for Flynn’s resignation.

Conway hasn’t appeared on TV since then.

From CNNMoney:

Those statements, which came amid existing public scrutiny over Conway’s credibility, led the president and his top advisers to conclude that her appearances were doing more harm than good for the administration, the sources said.

She was “off message,” a White House source said.

In the wake of CNN’s report, Conway refuted the premise and said she would be appearing on Fox News on Wednesday evening.

“I’ve been invited on shows every day, including two Sunday shows. I’m trying to focus on other pieces of my portfolio,” Conway said according to CNN, adding that Trump was his own best “communicator and connector,” and didn’t require her constant TV presence.

“None of us do it like he does,” Conway reportedly said.

Since her last TV appearance, Conway has only done radio interviews.

Sources tell CNN that the Trump White House “is enjoying a reprieve from the controversy created by her appearances.”

“Trump was using her as an effective surrogate, then she started becoming ineffective,” one of the sources said. “So they’re letting the heat cool off.”

According to Deadline, if Conway is to make any TV appearances at all, it’ll be for friendly venues.

“TV news has been shockingly Kellyanne Conway-free for more than a week now,” Deadline’s Lisa de Moraes reported. “That national nightmare ends tonight when President Trump’s counselor appears on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, after which she will put in an appearance on FNC’s Fox & Friends on Thursday morning.”

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