Kellyanne Conway’s flashcards spark photoshop battle

It’s hard to understand why Kellyanne Conway does this to herself, yet here we are. In an attempt to distract from the recent revelations surrounding Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian operative during the 2016 campaign, Conway appeared on Fox’s Hannity this Wednesday armed with props.

As she was being interviewed, she randomly held up two flashcards bearing the words, “Conclusion? Collusion. Illusion. Delusion.”

Via screen grab

The display fell flat, and it solidified the fact that Conway’s obfuscation tactics aren’t amusing anymore. But the ensuing photoshop battle that took place on Twitter breathed new life into a dying meme.

Someecards contributor Shauna Wright got the ball rolling:

And the rest was history:

You can view the entire thread here.

Sky Palma

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