Kentucky school brilliantly trolls district’s requirement to display ‘In God We Trust’ signs on campus

In March of this year, Kentucky lawmakers signed into law a bill that required the state’s public schools to hang “In God We Trust” signs in every building on campus beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

According to the new law, the displays “may take the form of but is not limited to a mounted plaque or student artwork.”

“For purposes of this section, ‘prominent location’ means a school entryway, cafeteria, or common area where students are likely to see the national motto,” a draft of the bill reads.

One might think that since it’s Kentucky, all schools fell in line to follow the rule. But at least one school understood that the separation between church and state is still a thing and the law sends a message of Christian supremacy.

In tongue-and-cheek compliance with the law, Lexington’s Athens Chilesburg Elementary School put the backside of a dollar bill in a picture frame as their own way to display the “In God We Trust” message.

Brittany Pike saw the display, snapped a picture, and posted it to her Facebook page along with a message.

“This school year Kentucky began requiring schools to place ‘In God We Trust’ in the building,” she wrote. “I absolutely love living in a school district that wants to follow the law while also ensuring EVERY student feels welcomed back regardless of religious beliefs. Thank you so very much Fayette County Public Schools for simply posting a dollar with ‘In God We Trust’. My kids don’t feel awkward or excluded for not believing in any God.”

This school year Kentucky began requiring schools to place “In God We Trust” in the building. I absolutely love living…

Posted by Brittany Pike on Wednesday, August 14, 2019


According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Pike’s husband is the state director of American Atheists, and has been “working behind the scenes to address the new law.”

The Friendly Atheist‘s Hemant Mehta wrote that the school’s move was “brilliant.”

“What they don’t have to say is the truth: ‘Kids, the Christian majority in our state legislature wanted to force Christianity down your throats by making sure you saw these words every day.'”

Featured image via Brittany Pike/Facebook

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