Kentucky’s Governor: Charlottesville violence happened because we’ve taken God out of public schools

In a radio interview this Tuesday, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin blamed the unrest in Charlottesville on the fact that public schools are devoid of biblical teachings.

Speaking to radio host Tom Roten, Bevin decried the removal of Confederate statues as a “sanitation of history,” adding that removing the monuments is akin to “revisionist history” that sets a “dangerous precedent.”

Bevin then suggested that the removal of religious education in public schools inspired the removal of the statues, saying it’s another example of liberals trying to “scrub history” because “when you go back a couple of hundred years, in most instances the only textbooks that were in our public schools were the Bible.”

“…the more we’ve removed any sense of spiritual obligation or moral higher authority or absolute right and wrong, the more we’ve removed things that are biblically taught from society, the more we’ve seen the kind of mayhem that we were just discussing.”

Listen to a portion of the interview below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

Sky Palma

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