Kid tells InfoWars reporter he’s ‘a f*cking idiot’ and wins the internet’s heart

Aside from Alex Jones, reporters for his outlet InfoWars probably have some of the most punchable faces in all of online media. Unfortunately, there’s no video of InfoWars reporters getting punched in the face, but this is the closest we can get for now.

This Wednesday, The Alex Jones Channel uploaded video highlights of reporter Owen Shroyer’s “storied career,” showing a mashup of his on-the-street interviews. One portion of the video shows a young girl doing what should be done to every employee of Jones’ conspiracy-laden race-baiting fake news organization.

Shroyer approached the girl and says, “How are you, young man?”

The girl takes a moment, then looks Shroyer in the face and replies, “Um…you’re a f*cking idiot.”


The context of the video is unclear, but it seems to have taken place at some sort of protest. Some think Shroyer intentionally misgendered the girl to get a reaction, but it’s impossible to tell.

Either way, I love this kid.


Twitter loves this kid too:

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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