Kirk Cameron demands America Library Association be investigated for anti-Christian ‘discrimination’

Actor-turned evangelical Christian activist Kirk Cameron and his publisher, Brave Books, are demanding that the federal government investigate the American Library Association, saying the association told libraries to block his upcoming nationwide “See You at the Library” event set to take place next month, The Christian Post reported.

Speaking for Cameron, the Texas-based First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services in D.C., calling on the agency to “open an investigation into whether the American Library Association has violated federal law protecting religious liberty and failed to comply with the assurances of nondiscrimination required as a federal grant recipient.”

Speaking to The Christian Post, Cameron said that he and First Liberty “have launched an investigation with the federal government to hold the American Library Association accountable for their religious discrimination, willful violation of the constitution and the ALA’s own internal rules to allegedly protect ALL people’s access to public libraries. Accountability is coming.”

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Over the last year, Cameron has been holding library events nationwide to promote his children’s books, which has invited pushback from progressive groups.

“The taxpayer-funded American Library Association is not only criticizing me, they are teaching libraries to break the law and conspiring to prevent thousands of families from visiting their own community reading rooms,” Cameron said.

“Rather than being an example of genuine respect and non-discrimination, the ALA is the champ in excluding viewpoints it disagrees with and preventing families from using libraries to read to their children about faith, hope and love,” Cameron continued. “ALA, why all the hate? I thought you wanted diversity of thought in the Public Square? What happened to equal opportunity for all?”

Sky Palma

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