Lauren Boebert misses vote on debt ceiling bill that she spent so much time criticizing

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert missed this Wednesday’s vote on the debt ceiling after vocally opposing the the bill up until it was time to vote, according to news reports.

The bill to lift the debt ceiling passed in the U.S. House and moved on to the Senate. According to CBS News, All of Colorado’s Democratic representatives, and one Republican from the state, voted yes.

Boebert’s office said she filed a “missing vote form” that stated she would have voted no.

Boebert has been one of the most vocal Republicans speaking out against the bill, making media appearances around the clock “to whip up opposition to an agreement not as extreme as they would like,” wrote The New Republic‘s Prem Thakker.

“And yet, after all that, Boebert was caught like a middle schooler running just late of catching the school bus in the morning,” Thakker wrote, adding that “it’s astonishing Boebert missed voting on a bill she spent so much time deriding.”

Speaking on the House floor this Wednesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act “is a crucial first step for putting America back on track.”

“It does what is responsible for our children, what is possible in divided government, and what is required by our principles and promises,” McCarthy said. “Yes, it may not include everything we need to do, but it is absolutely what we need to do right now.”

Sky Palma

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