Lauren Boebert on whether her teen son impregnating his girlfriend challenges her Christianity: ‘I don’t nitpick the Bible’

This Thursday, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert appeared for an interview on The Rubin Report and was asked about her announcement from earlier this month that at 36-years-old, she is due to be a grandmother this coming April.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this month, Boebert said: “I’m going to tell you all for the first time in a public setting that not only am I a mom of four boys but come April, I will be a ‘gigi’ to a brand new grandson.” She added that she and her husband Jayson “are so excited to welcome this new life into our family.”

On Thursday, host Dave Rubin asked her if her son getting his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock challenged any of her Christian beliefs.

“Obviously, I’m a Christian, and there are standards that we like to uphold, but none of us do it perfectly,” she told Rubin. “We can nitpick what the Bible says is right and wrong, but I think just having that heart posture of wanting to serve God, it’s so important.”

As Insider points out, Boebert herself became a mother when she was a teenager and dropped out of high school in 2004 when she became pregnant with her then-boyfriend Jayson Boebert’s. The couple are now married and¬†have four children together.

Watch the full interview below:

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