Lauren Boebert: Reparations for Native Americans will ‘lead to the breakdown of our nation’s social fabric’

During a House committee hearing last week, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert shared her objection to a bill that would create a commission to investigate Native American boarding schools — a commission that some Republicans say has too much power.

“If the purpose of this legislation is to bring truth and healing to the nation, there’s no reason to oppose this amendment that I am offering,” Boebert said. “This amendment ensures that the commission, should it be established, tailors its work to something similar that the Department of Interior is already doing. To insist that reparations are a plausible recommendation for this partisan commission is both disingenuous and harmful.”

The Truth and Healing Commission plans to investigate federal and mission boarding schools which operated in the late 1800s to the 1900s. The schools were seen largely as an attempt to erase Native American culture from Indigenous children, who were often abused and sometimes killed.

According to Boebert, reparations “will not bring people together” nor will it achieve “the goal of reconciliation.”

“Reparations have only ever been used as a talking point for Democrat politicians to move a political agenda,” she said, adding that reparations have been “weaponized in the service of presidential aspirations.”

“You will undoubtedly hear talking points from Democrats arguing that reparations are necessary to atone for the sins of the past, however, it is flat-out immoral and illogical to punish individuals who had nothing to do with past historical wrongs,” she continued, calling the bill an “unserious policy proposal that will lead to the breakdown of our nation’s social fabric.”

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Sky Palma

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