Lawyer refused Trump’s request to lie to the National Archives about presidential records being returned


A former attorney for Donald Trump refused to follow the former president’s request to submit a statement to the National Archives earlier this year saying that all presidential records at Mar-a-Lago had been returned, The Hill reports.

Alex Cannon refused Trump request because he wasn’t sure the claim was true.

From The Hill:

Cannon, a former Trump Organization attorney who would later work with Trump’s campaign team, reportedly told others he was uncomfortable making such a statement and that Trump staff encouraged him not to do so.

Sources contacted by the Post said Cannon was also hesitant to review the contents of the boxes, as he did not have a security clearance and was unsure if they might contain classified records.

The Trump team ultimately did not send a sworn statement to the Archives and instead released a public statement in February when news of the returned boxes broke, insisting the records were returned in a “friendly” manner.

Trump’s team eventually submitted a sworn statement to the Department of Justice that it had returned all presidential records in accordance with the DOJ’s subpoena of the records.

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