Lawyer who defended Roy Moore against underage dating accusations arrested for DUI and drugs

This Wednesday, the attorney for former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and drug possession, according to

Trenton Garmon, 39-years-old, worked for Moore in his unsuccessful 2017 campaign for the Alabama Senate seat, was arrested by police in Gadsden, Ala., and is currently being held on $3,000 bail.

As points out, Garmon previously sued the Alabama Department of Safety after they suspended his driver’s license.

According to a lawsuit filed in January, Garmon sued the Alabama Department of Public Safety after the department suspended his driver’s license. In Garmon’s affidavit in that case, he calls himself a “safe and competent driver” and said his last fault wreck was in 2003 when he backed into another car in a bank drive through lane. Garmon said in the document that he has never injured anyone in a wreck.

Garmon said in that affidavit he was arrested in April 2018 and charged with driving under the influence in Pinellas County, Florida, while he was “literally taking a nap on the side of the road.”

“I will try that DUI if it is not lowered to reckless driving and I would only be pleading to reckless driving to make it go away given arriving safely to take a nap less than 200 yards from our home indicates that I was not reckless and was in fact taking a nap before meeting with company who was at our home,” Garmon said in the affidavit.

Garmon also said there is video of him “(1) speaking coherently, (2) walking a line without any issue, (3) there are medical records from Nurse Ray at the jail where an eye scan was done.”

In 2017, The Washington Post broke a story revealing disturbing allegations of Moore’s sexual history. One allegation that stands out is that of Leigh Corfman, who says that when she was 14-years-old, Moore tried to coax her into a sexual relationship.

Featured image: Etowah County Jail/screen grab via ABC News

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