‘Liberal Redneck’ says Trumpkins love Trump more than they love America

Trae Crowder‘s persona as the “Liberal Redneck” has earned quite a bit of Internet fame, even earning him appearances on mainstream news outlets and late night talk shows. In the wake of Trump’s surge to the presidency, his commentary has received even more attention and his latest video is non exception.

In a video this Thursday, Crowder wondered when Republicans are going to wake up to the fact that they’ve been conned by the Trump machine.

“This is a f*ckin’ nightmare and the hits just keep on coming,” Crowder said in the video posted to YouTube. “Trump has had more scandals in the last week than Obama did in eight years. Every time I read about one I wonder, is this it? Will this scandal will be the one that makes Republican leaders stand up and denounce Trump?”

“At this point, McCain is like one of them sh*tty talking dolls from the 70s where you pull a string on its back and it says one of like six things,” Crowder said before mocking what he sees as McCain’s tough but empty rhetoric regarding Russiagate.

But most confusing to Crowder are the regular Americans who are willing to dismiss dogged reporting from legitimate news sources as “fake news” and a “liberal media conspiracy.”

“Sometimes it seems like they hate us more than they love their country.”

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab