Lin Wood says he relinquished law license because the Georgia bar is ‘Satanic’ — not over fear of disbarment

News outlets reported this Wednesday that 2020 election-denying lawyer Lin Wood relinquished his law license, choosing to retire from practicing rather than face possible disbarment. But according to Wood, those news stories got things wrong.

CBS News reported this Tuesday that Wood asked officials in his home state of Georgia to “retire” his law license in light of “disciplinary proceedings pending against me.”

Wood acknowledged that he is “prohibited from practicing law in this state and in any other state or jurisdiction and that I may not reapply for admission.”

But in a post to this Telegram account this Thursday, Wood said that he’s not concerned about being disbarred — he’s only concerned with not associating himself with demonic forces.

“Anyone who suggests that my voluntary retirement from the GA B.A.R. was out of fear of disbarment, does not know me or has not followed me very long on Telegram,” Wood wrote. “My retirement request to the GA B.A.R. was planned and timed in the manner and timing of my choice after much prayer and time spent reading the Holy Bible.”

“Through the litigation process, I concluded that the GA B.A.R. was heavily infiltrated and led by Freemasons and other secret society members and its symbols were satanic,” he added. “I wanted out!!! Light cannot yoke with darkness. So I got out. On terms totally acceptable to me.”

As CBS News points out, officials in Georgia had been weighing whether to disbar Wood over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election based on unproven claims of mass voter fraud. Wood sued the state bar in 2022 over its request that he undergo a mental health, saying it violated his constitutional rights, but a federal appeals court threw the ruling out, saying Wood failed to show there was “bad faith” behind the request.

Sky Palma

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