January 6

Liz Cheney slapped away Jim Jordan’s hand during Capitol riot, saying: ‘Get away from me — you f***ing did this’

According to a Daily Beast preview of a new book titled I Alone Can Fix It by authors Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney had a heated exchange with fellow GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) on Jan. 6 as a mob of Trump supporters breached the U.S. Capitol building.

From The Daily Beast:

On Jan. 7, Liz Cheney, then the number three Republican in the House before her subsequent demotion for recognizing what Romney did not, recalled what had happened on Jan. 6. Talking with Joint Chief of Staff Chair Mark Milley, who is one of the adults in the room who Leonnig and Rucker depend on in their reporting and cast as something of a hero, Cheney ripped into “That f***ing guy Jim Jordan. That son of a b*tch… While these maniacs are going through the place, I’m standing in the aisle and he said ‘We need to get the ladies away from the aisle. Let me help you.’ I smacked his hand away and told him, ‘Get away from me. You f***ing did this.’”

Leonnig and Rucker’s book is due to be released next week.

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