Look what happens when dark-humored adults get ahold of children’s coloring books (UPDATED)

Okay, we’re probably going to get some flak for this, but we don’t care. Innocence lost is a good laugh gained, as we always say.

How many of you remember the innate urge to vandalize your little brother or sister’s coloring books with all kinds of inappropriate content and gore? The blog Coloring Book Corruptions takes that childhoodism to a whole other level, and it’s downright hilarious.

This is apparently what happens when dark-humored kids turn into dark-humored adults. (h/t: Bored Panda)


1. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-22

2. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-21

3. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-24

4. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-30

5. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-23

6. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-31

7. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-26

8. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-36

9. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-9

10. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-1

11. funny-children-coloring-book-corruptions-5

12. dark 1

13. dark 2

14. dark 3

15. dark 4

16. dark 5

17. dark 6

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