Louisiana Governor warns Trump: Either ‘donate or volunteer’ otherwise stay the f*ck out

Devastating floods are ravaging Louisiana, leaving over 40,000 homes destroyed and at least 13 people dead. Seeing an opportunity to bolster his floundering campaign, GOP nominee Donald Trump announced his plans to visit the state – showing up for a photo op that featured him handing out relief supplies for under a minute.

Apparently, he didn’t get the memo from governor John Bel Edwards, who warned Trump not to use the disaster to play to the cameras.

As Trump and his running mate Mike Pence jetted to Louisiana, they didn’t bother to inform the governor of their visit (USA Today characterized the visit as “shrouded in secrecy”).

Edwards, clearly pissed, fired off a statement that set the tone for the pair’s arrival:

“Donald Trump hasn’t called the governor to inform him of his visit. We welcome him to [Louisiana], but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of this storm.”

Posting on her Facebook page, Hillary Clinton suggested that she’s holding off on any visits so as to not get in the Governor’s way.

“My heart breaks for Louisiana, and right now, the relief effort can’t afford any distractions. The very best way this team can help is to make sure Louisianans have the resources they need,” Hillary wrote.

When Pence and The Donald touched down, they spent a backbreaking 49 seconds handing out relief supplies.

Featured image: jonbelforobama.com



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