Louisiana Republican: We don’t know if slavery was all bad because we weren’t alive to see it

In a Facebook post this Saturday, the president of the Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans gave her thoughts on the history of slavery in the U.S., saying that since modern humans weren’t around to witness it, there’s no telling if it was as bad as people say.

Martha Huckabay posted a clip from a recent CNN segment featuring Louisiana State Rep. Stephanie Hilferty explaining her recent exchange with fellow Republican State Rep. Ray Garofalo, who while pushing a proposal to ban instruction on racism and sexism in public schools said that students should learn “the good, the bad and the ugly” regarding the topic of slavery. In the clip, Hilferty reminded Garofalo that there is no “good” to slavery.

Garofalo insisted that he misspoke, but nevertheless, his words struck a chord with Huckabay.

“What is Stephanie Hilferty doing here? Why is she trying to trap a Republican and twist his words?” Huckabay wrote. “How does she 100% know there is ‘no good to slavery’ if none of us were around during slavery?”

“Weren’t some slaves treated really well?” she added. “I know in the Bible they were.”

Huckabay’s logic skills are lacking in other areas as well. Her Facebook cover photo features a splitter image of Derek Chauvin before and after his trial. In the caption, she suggests that the real Chauvin was not on trial and the person seen in news footage was an imposter.

“Am I seeing two different hair lines? Am I seeing two different faces? Is one longer and the other rounder? Is one guys nose bigger? Does one guy have a frowny face?” she writes. “Not the same guys.WAKE UP AMERICA!”

Wake up indeed.

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