Lyft driver praised after security video shows him kicking racist couple out of his car

A video showing a Lyft driver calling out a racist couple who tried to board his vehicle has been viewed almost 10 million times since it was posted to Twitter.

According to reports, the video was filmed by a security camera in Lyft driver James Bode’s vehicle. The incident took place in Pennsylvania. Bode also shared the video on Facebook and claimed that the incident happened outside of Fossil’s Last Stand restaurant, which he also suggested is owned by the customers who requested the ride.

“You’re…a white guy,” a woman said in the video after she stepped into the car. Bode then asked her, “What’s that?”

“Are you…a white guy? Are you a normal guy…you speak English?” the woman asked while patting him on the shoulder. Bode then told her to get out of the car, calling her remarks “inappropriate.”

“That’s completely inappropriate. If somebody was not white sitting in the seat, what would be the difference?” Bode asked the woman.

When the woman’s male companion tried to enter the vehicle, Bode told him about the woman’s remarks and that they would have to find another ride, which enraged the man.

“You’re a piece of s***,” the man before calling Bode a “n***** lover.”

Bode wrote on Facebook that a police report was filed because of the “assault threat” that the man made.

“Not sure if that [the report] will do anything…if you make me feel uncomfortable, I will absolutely do the same especially in my car or property. Yes they were made aware I was recording, yes I have postings in my car indicating such,” he wrote.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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