Madison Cawthorn divorces wife after 8 months of marriage — days after telling young conservatives to get married young

North Carolina GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn announced that he and his wife after getting divorced after 8 months of marriage.

“When my wife Cristina and I were engaged, I was not a member of Congress, I felt called to serve and we both agreed that I should run,” he said. “Overnight our lives changed. That change has been both hectic and difficult, it’s neither the pace nor the lifestyle we had planned for.”

According to Cawthorn, the couple realized that “balance was not attainable, and that we had irreconcilable differences between us.”

As RawStory points out, just earlier this week, Cawthorn told an audience of young conservative at the Turning Point USA conference that they should drop out of college and get married young.

“I know I started out with some policy ideas and people will call me a radical for believing that you should be a Christian, you should marry young, you should have as many kids as possible, you should try and have a great job, you should be as successful as you possibly can — they’ll say I’m a extremist for saying that,” Cawthorn said.

Sky Palma

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