MAGA pastor: ‘Demon of abortion’ is to blame for stopping the red wave

During a livestream to his followers the Wednesday after the midterm elections, Mississippi pastor and diehard Trump supporter Shane Vaughn lamented the lack of a red wave that many conservatives were expecting to sweep the midterms. According to Vaughn, it was the demon of abortion that “changed everything.”

“And even though all the polls were showing that the economy was the main issue, abortion is a religious issue. And religions creates more passion than anything … and there’s a religion of demons that loves abortion. That religion of pro-abortion showed up,” Vaughn said. “It was bigger than anybody understood because of the passion that those demonic powers create in their church of heathens that love to kill babies — that’s why there was no red wave.”

According to Vaughn, “had it not been for the abortion issue, I promise you, the whole country would be red today.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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