MAGA pastor rages at ‘dishonorable people’ who dare to support anyone other than Trump

During a livestream while driving in his car, Mississippi pastor and diehard Trump supporter Shane Vaughn railed against Republicans who are ditching Donald Trump for Ron DeSantis, saying that Trump was the one who created the “MAGA message” and now people are trying to take his glory.

“And now all of these unloyal, dishonorable people — including Ron DeSantis — have come behind the messenger trying to steal the message and take his glory,” Vaughn declared.

“It will never work, you listen to me,” Vaughn continued. “If you want the blessing of God in your life, get behind the man that God has blessed. The man they cannot bring down no matter how hard they tried. Have you not seen the touch of God on his life, beloved friend? How dare you go crawl into bed with his opponents!”

Vaughn then commanded his followers to “stay faithful” to Trump because has stayed faithful to him.

“Just look at where the anointing is and get behind it.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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